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Building The Ultimate Sand Castle with Dan Castles

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

With all the activities and options of things to choose from when visiting the beach, sometimes we forget that what may seem as even the simplest of things to do can be one of the most fun and give us all that feeling of being a little kid again.

That’s what building a sand castle with Dan from Dan Castles is all about, creating joy from one of nature’s toys that it provides to us, sand. And lots of it! Building a sand castle is not just for kids any more, the entire family can participate and learn that building a sand castle truly is an art.

We booked our session with Dan, who was absolutely fantastic with instructing and helping our children, especially our special needs son and keeping them engaged learning how to properly build a sand castle. He will teach all the in’s & out’s of sand castle building, as well as all the little tricks he’s learned in professionally building sand castles for nearly a decade.

From start to finish, the kids got to learn how to truly build a sand castle, starting with how to properly mix and create the foundation, carve your castle out and finally add in all the details! Ever wonder how bridges and other structures that seem like there is no way sand could support actually stay up? Well, you get to learn all that with Dan. These are not sand castles where you take the little green toy bucket and fill it with sand, then flop it over and pull the bucket off and half of it falls apart. Oh no, these sand castles are way different, imagination is the only restraint.

The kids built by far the biggest and strongest sand castle we have ever built. Learning how to make a “princess castle” with steps to the top and even a moat! You will learn how to add textures to the castle, so it looks like its made from stones or bricks. One of the coolest things was learning how to make trees from wet sand. While the sand castle our family made with our time with our time with Dan may not exactly win any awards, it was an absolute blast and an experience we would absolutely recommend for all families that come down to visit the Emerald Coast.

There’s tons of options and packages depending on the size and type of group you are with, and while our sand castle may not win any awards, Dan’s certainly have, you can see more of his work and the packages he offers at his website, click here to view.

**Please contact Dan directly for questions on availability and location, typically only comes to locations west of Pier Park, but can find meetup location, please contact Dan Castles directly for more information**

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THANK YOU!!!! I always have fun showing my science!! I'm beyond thankful y'all enjoyed it as much as I do!! Thank you so much for the amazing write up!!


Unknown member
Mar 26, 2023

Best time ever! Dan was excellent with the kids and grownups too! The kids were enthralled and were part of the process from start to finish! Great family day had by all.

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